Fixing a Broken Tiles

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Fixing Broken Tiles

Tiles are among the most used products for decoration. For this reason, fixing broken tiles is important for most consumers. To achieve a better quality design, it is necessary to prefer fixing broken tiles, while floor tiles are more susceptible to breakages and cracks. For this reason, you should choose the repair option for problems that occur with floor tiles and other types of tiles. Because changing broken tiles is both costly and difficult. In this guide, you can learn all the operations related to broken tiles. Moreover, you can also examine what you need to pay attention to during the repair.

Epoxy for Cracks and Chips

For cracks and scratches, the epoxy kit will be a very useful option. The most preferred option for gluing broken or cracked porcelain tiles is epoxy. Because this material is specially designed for bonding purposes. By purchasing an epoxy kit, you can start a better-quality repair process. the 2-part epoxy kit is usually more useful. Therefore, we recommend that you buy a better quality one when making your choice.

You should clean the broken tiles before using epoxy. Remove all dirt from the floor using paper towels and a cleaning solution. After completing the cleaning phase, apply epoxy to the broken area with the help of a stick. Coat the broken area with epoxy to form a thin layer. A layer of half a centimetre will be quite ideal for repair. Allow the area where you applied the epoxy to dry. The drying time is generally 7 days. at the end of 7 days, paint the area to get a quality look.

Nail Polish for Small Cracks

Nail polish for small cracks is one of the most ideal options for tiles. Therefore, you should not worry about the small cracks that form on the floor. Because it is quite easy to remove the crack thanks to the nail polish application. So, what should you do about this? Here is the best way to remove small cracks with the nail polish method!

If there are small cracks on the tile, you can get a flawless image thanks to nail polish instead of replacing the tile. To do this, first, clean the tile with a clean cloth and plenty of water. After completely removing dirt and dust from the tile, dry the tile thoroughly. Then paint the cracked part with nail polish that matches the colour of the tile. You can get a better quality result by applying with a small brush. A layer of nail polish about 1-2 millimetres thick will be ideal for fixing. Allow the nail polish to dry by waiting for 15 minutes after application. Repeat this application after the horseshoe polish has dried. When you visually do not see a problem with the tile, it means that the repair process has been completed.

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Tile Replacement for Extreme Damage

If you can’t fix the damage to your tiles with the repair process, tiles replacement will be the most correct method in this case. Because repair is only possible for broken and cracked tiles. For tiles in very poor condition, it is more important to choose replacement over repair. So, how can you carry out exchange transactions?


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To change tiles, you must first find tiles in the appropriate colour for your outdoor tiles. Although it is often difficult to find the same tile, tiles in different shades are also often preferred. After purchasing the tile, break the old tile using a hammer and centre punch. Completely dislodge the cracked or broken tile without damaging other tiles. Remember that you can more easily dislodge the tile by cutting it into small pieces.

Make sure the bottom of the new tile is flat by completely cleaning the bottom of the tile. Then apply the adhesive material to the area. Then place it on the back of the tile, also applying glue. After placing the tile, make sure that it is at the same level as the other tiles by pressing lightly. At the final stage, fill the tile around with the grout application using the grout float. Make sure that the grout colour matches the grout on the other tiles. Finally, clean the dried grout with a cloth. Now you have got rid of the broken tile. You can start using your brand-new tile.

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Which Method Is the Best?

You can use different methods to get rid of the cracks and cracks that occur on your tiles. However, it is also necessary to take into account that each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, in any case, using the same method, you may not get a successful result. Therefore, there are details that you should pay attention to when choosing the methods described in all details above!

You can repair small-diameter cracks with epoxy and nail polish methods. But it is not possible to repair very deep fractures with these methods. If the tile is broken at more than one point and some parts are completely dislodged, tile replacement will be much more ideal in this case. You should also evaluate all these situations and start evaluating the most ideal options.

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