20mm Porcelain Installation

Porcelain Tiles with a thickness of 20mm guarantee a high resistance to stress and loads. Are Frost-proof, resistances to chemicals and atmospheric agents, easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for residential and commercial outdoor spaces and colour match your internal tiles.

You also have the versatility of 4 fixing methods on the outside area meaning there is now no reason to not install the beautiful looking ranges available in 20mm Porcelain.

Dry Installation on Grass

For gardens and green areas, this type of installation makes it possible to create pathways and add a personal, stylish touch to common areas. The installation procedure consists of preparations of the bed and application of a layer of gravel, on to which the slabs of 20mm will be placed. The gravel bed grants more stability and compensates for any differences in level. It is recommended to leave an enough gap between the slabs to allow grass to grow through.

Installation on Gravel/Sand Bed

Simple and rapid. With dry installation on gravel. There is no need to use adhesives or grout. After installation, the surface can be used immediately. This solution also facilitates drainage of water and offers the possibility to remove the slab and use it elsewhere. We do using priming slurry for this installation method Porcelain Priming Slurry

Conventional installation on adhesive

For environments that are subject to traffic or heavy loads, slabs 20mm can be installed on a screed with adhesive, using the conventional tile installation method. For an optimal installation, make sure the screed is perfectly levelled.

Raised Installation on supports

Easy to install and immediately transitable, raised installation creates an underlying gap between the upper surface and the substrate that can be easily inspected, this allows for effective water drainage and offers space for electrical equipment and plumbing facilities. This installation is suitable both for existing floors and new screeds. Aesthetics and practicality in a single product.

Important Note

Standard Delivery is 3-4 working days – Express Delivery is available for orders placed before 12pm – Delivery is Kirbside only.

We can only advise of the estimated delivery date via our third party courier we can not provide the specific time of any delivery.

We offer a sampling service to test your product if required please add a sample to your basket by visiting any of our porcelain product pages.

Please remember to factor in cuts and wastage on your order which is typically + 10% of any requirements.

We send our products to you with batch consistency to ensure your finish is as uniform as possible so it is important to order sufficient quantities to complete your project.