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Clearance items offer unbeatable value for money, providing the opportunity to purchase high-quality tiles and accessories at discounted prices. Whether you’re looking for porcelain paving, natural stone tiles, or decorative effects tiles, our clearance range has something for every taste and budget. These products are often available in limited quantities, so act fast to secure your order. Don’t miss out on this chance to upgrade your home or business at a fraction of the cost. Shop our clearance range today and enjoy huge savings on our high-quality products.

£19.7 per m2

Street Grey 600x600x20mm Clearance Pallet – 7.56 sqm/ 21 pieces


Basalt Beige 200x200x20mm Clearance Pallet – 2.72 sqm/ 68 pieces

£19.89 per m2

Dark Stone Grey 600x600x20mm Clearance Pallet – 1.44 sqm/ 4 pieces


Apulia Beige 300x200x20mm Clearance Pallet – 21.24 sqm/ 354 pieces

£14.99 per m2

Tandur Beach 600x600x20mm Clearance Pallet – £14.99 per sqm – Collection Only!

£20.99 per m2

Basalto Grey 600x600x20mm Clearance Pallet – 5.40 sqm/ 15 pieces

£24.99 per m2

Beton Nero Natural 1000x1000mm Indoor Porcelain Tile Clearance Pallet – 24 sqm

£21.66 per m2

Living Mid Grey 1200x600x20 mm Clearance Pallet – 23.04 sqm/ 32 pieces

£12.18 per m2

Living Cool Grey Semi-Polished 300X600mm Indoor Tile – Clearance Pallet 32.76 sqm

Out of stock

EXPRESS Delivery Cost


Basalt Grey 200x200x20mm Clearance Pallet – 23.04 sqm/ 576 pieces

£19.49 per m2

Street Grey 600x600x20mm Clearance Pallet – 23.04 sqm/ 64 pieces

£24.95 per m2

Cimento Grey 800x800x20mm Clearance Pallet – 23.04 sqm/ 36 pieces

£18.98 per m2

Light Stone Grey 600x600x20mm Clearance Pallet – 4.32 sqm/ 12 pieces


Clearance refers to the process of selling off products or inventory that are no longer in high demand or are being phased out to make room for new products. This can include products that have been discontinued, are seasonal, or are overstocked. Clearance sales often offer significant discounts and are a great way for consumers to find bargains on products they may have missed out on earlier or are looking to purchase at a reduced price. Clearance sales are also beneficial for retailers as they help to free up storage space and generate revenue from excess inventory.