Levelling System

Achieve a perfect and seamless tile installation with our levelling system! Our levelling system is designed to eliminate tile lippage and ensure a level surface. It’s easy to use and suitable for a variety of tile sizes and thicknesses. Our system saves time and effort during installation and ensures a professional-looking finish. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, our levelling system will help you achieve a perfect installation every time. Shop now to find the perfect levelling system for your project.

Universal Adjustable Wallbarn Pedestal


Twister PLUS 2 Part Levelling System


Extension Pipe to Use with Self-Levelling Adjustable Pedestal


Twister Screw (200 pcs/bag)


Twister Nut (100 pcs/bag)


Twister PLUS Screw (200 pcs/bag)


Twister 2 Part Levelling System


Traditional 2 Part Levelling System


Levelling Clip (200 pcs/bag)


Twister PLUS Nut (100 pcs/bag)


Scratch Preventer (250 pcs/bag)


Levelling Wedge (100 pcs/bag)


Plastic Tile Levelling Plier


Self-Levelling Adjustable Pedestal Set


A levelling system is a tool used in the installation of tiles, paving, and other flooring materials to ensure a level surface. The system uses specialized clips and wedges to hold tiles or paving in place, while also allowing for precise adjustment of the height of each tile. This ensures that the finished surface is level and even, reducing the risk of tripping hazards and other safety issues. Levelling systems can save time and effort during installation, as they eliminate the need for excessive adjustments and re-laying of tiles or paving. They are also ideal for DIY projects, as they are easy to use and require minimal experience. Levelling systems are an important tool for achieving a professional and high-quality finish in tile and paving installations.