Which Tiles Can Be Used for Outside?


Which Tiles Can Be Used for Outside?

If you want to make changes to the walls of your balcony or garden and get a completely different look, you can choose from outdoor tile models. The most important point when choosing tiles you should choose from durable and high-quality ceramics. Ceramics are called products that are baked at very high temperatures and produced from soil. Ceramics, which have been used since very old years, are very often preferred, especially in home decorations.

Tiles are most commonly used on the walls or floors of wet floors such as the kitchen, bathroom, terrace, patio, or balcony. The ceramics used on the floors are generally produced thicker than the ceramics used on the walls. Natural stone paving are often used outdoors. The reason why they are preferred outdoors is that they are extremely resistant to heat and adverse weather conditions. Outdoor tiles keep your house cool in the summer season, while it prevents your house from being too cold in the winter season.

Which Tiles Are Not Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Outdoor-tilesBefore making the tile application, you need to take the measurements of the area you will apply correctly. Because when buying your tiles, you will buy by looking at these measurements. You should not choose indoor ceramics for the porcelain tiles you will use outdoors. The properties of ceramics used in outdoor areas may be different from others. For example, the ceramics to be used on the terrace or balcony floor must have waterproof properties. However, if you are going to use ceramics on outdoor floor tiles, they should also be resistant to abrasion and breakage. Ceramics that are resistant to wear will allow you to use them for many years without wear. If the balcony on which you will lay the tiles is very small, you should prefer simpler and lighter colors for this. Otherwise, you may cause the space you will be laying to look smaller and gloomy than it is. You should pay attention to the fact that the tiles that will be used outdoors are not slippery. There are many different tile models that both have these features and will change the mood of your balcony.

Laying tiles is easier than you think. First, if the area you are going to lay is covered with a previously laid tile, you need to remove these tiles. You can also choose to lay new ones on the pole without removing the tiles. This is both cleaner and easier to disassemble. But if you want to change the tiles, you can scrape the tiles between them with a tool or screwdriver that will be used for this work.

After completing the scraping process, you can remove all the tiles from the wall or floor by removing them from the edges with the help of a spatula. After completing the tile removal works, you need to mix the adhesive mortar that you have chosen in a color that will match your tiles and apply it to the floor or wall that you will be laying with a spatula. If you are going to lay your tiles on the wall on the floor, you should stick them starting from the corner, if you are going to lay them on the wall, starting from the floor.

Do Outdoor Tiles Need Waterproofing?

Polyurea material is usually used for waterproofing tiles. Thanks to this material, the crushing and pouring process is mostly not performed for the waterproofing process on the tiles. In this way, it will be possible to get a solution more easily. Moreover, with this material used, it is possible to strengthen the tiles against many adverse weather conditions such as UV rays, rain, and snow.

The waterproofing process on the tiles applies to all living areas that are needed. If you want long-term, permanent solutions related to tile waterproofing, you can get services from a professional place that offers you quality materials. Thanks to the correct tiles you can achieve the appearance of your tiles, which are worn and worn out over time, almost on the first day. Although care is taken when using, most of the time the tiles that are circulated on can be easily worn and then worn out. Therefore, over time, the joint between tiles can also lose its performance. Then, because they can come into contact with water, they can cause water leakage.

Porcelain Tiles - Paving

Which Tiles Are Best for Waterproofing?

You can learn about tiles by doing detailed research on the best waterproof tiles. Tiles are extremely suitable for outdoor areas. It has color, pattern, and aesthetic advantages. In addition, tiles are economical and frost-resistant products. Paints and plasters preferred outdoors are quickly affected by rain, snow, and cold. Therefore, over time, there is wear and tear and it gets dirty quickly. Therefore, a few years after the application, plaster, and paint should be done again. However, the application of tiles outdoors shows high resistance to natural influences. Such a novelty in a short time in this direction does not require repairs.

It is curious which type of floor covering should be used in outdoor areas such as balconies, terraces, and gardens. You can use the type of flooring you want, in the outdoor space you want. But even if it is an outdoor space, if you care about decoration, it is useful to pay attention to certain points.

You can easily make colorful, energizing designs on your balcony or terrace with tiles. by taking different tiles with 30× 30 tile sizes, you can get a patterned balcony from your eyes apart from the patterns and colors of your tiles. Apart from colored tiles, stone patterned tiles can also provide you with a very natural environment.

You can get more stable images by making a few plays on stone patterned tiles, which is a very good option for high-floor balconies. For example, instead of using tiles, you can fix the floor by placing stones directly on the floor and pouring a mixture of concrete and epoxy on them. A mixture of concrete and epoxy is a more costly choice.

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